GVideoDB - A Gnome Movie Database

Released version 0.4.0 today. Includes a search feature and some minor bugfixes.
Minor changes to the cvs tree to day. Moved some gui creation functions into smaller and more easy to read files.
I have cleaned up the cvs tree today.
Released version 0.3.1 today. Minor fixes. Added RPM packages thanks to Fredrik Rambris.
I finally fixed it. So I released version 0.3.0 today. I have currently added around 30 movies to the list without any problems myself. Please notice that this release is completely different from any previous versions released. Enjoy.
Ran in to a little trouble with the list store used for listing the added files. Working hard to fix it. But currently I do not have an ETA
Project is currently undergoing major rewriting and reconstruction. Look forward to the next release wich should be very close now. I hope to release version 0.3.0 during the weekend if nothing major happens.
Because of examinations i've haven't had much time to work on gvideodb. The project isn't dead, but will continue in the beginning of next year.
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